Friday, March 6, 2009

Stuffy Nose and Pictures!

Luke has had a stuffy nose for the past week, so I took him to the Dr. I knew there was nothing wrong and that there was nothing they could do...but, for peace of mind...I took him anyways! Of course, he was just stopped up and the Dr. said to use the saline in his nose and run the humidifier (which I had already been doing). I also bought some baby vicks and some humidifier/vaporizer plug ins. I hope these work soon! I feel sorry for the boy! Oh...and at least by taking him to the Dr., I found out he weighs 14 lbs. now!!

This week I started feeding him vegetables!! The first couple of days he didn't quite no what to do. So, I would just put the food up to his lips and he would taste it. Then, all of a sudden, he figured out what to do and he opens his mouth and likes it!! I have only given him green beans so far...just making sure he's not allergic. Tonight we will start on something else...maybe carrots! And, this week I bought him an exercauser!!! He loves it. He gets in and works himself all the way around until he's played with all the toys! Here are a few pictures that I have taken this week.
Okay...just a few more. I have to share the adorable baseball (of course!) outfit that Memaw and Grandpa bought Luke. He has some tennis shoes on to match, but you can't really see them in the picture. We had the hat matched perfectly!!

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The Pettijohn's said...

what a happy boy :)

no, we don't know just yet the exact date of our move but it's looking like somewhere between april-may...hopefully we know more by this week!