Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Petting Zoo/Pony Ride!

Today we took Luke to the Petting Zoo that Grandpa has been wanting to take Luke to. I can already tell that he is going to be an animal lover (I sure hope he doesn't bring me many frogs or snakes when he gets older!). Luke loves to pet(touch) animals! He got to see tiny baby goats, pigs, calves, lambs, ponies and a HUGE horse! After petting the animals, then Luke got to take his first pony ride!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pirate Baseball!

Yesterday we took Luke to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. Luke made friends with the camera man before the game and had fun hanging out by the dugout! Unfortunately, Uncle Bubba's friend, Freddy Sanchez, went 0-4 and the Pirates lost.

And...there was a rain delay during the game...here is how Luke waited out the rain delay...

We had planned on spending the night in Pittsburgh and seeing some sights...but, changed our minds! We did go up the famous incline before heading home. Here is Memaw, Grandpa and Luke riding it...

One more thing...Luke has been pulling himself up more and more and it seems to be getting easier and easier for him. Tonight he actually climbed up one of the steps at Memaw and Grandpa's. Don't worry...Grandpa was right behind him! Here is a picture (yes, it looks like his feet are about to come off the step, but they really weren't).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big News!

Luke has learned how to do 2 new things today!!! First, he learned how to pat-a-cake. I saw him do it once yesterday, but today...he really knows what he's doing! Memaw and Luke practiced and practiced! Now, anytime you tell Luke to pat-a-cake....he starts clapping! And, tonight he figured out that if he claps just right...it makes noise!!

The other thing he has learned is BIG NEWS!! He has learned to pull himself up to standing! He has been pulling himself up onto his knees the last few days, but today in his bed, he got all the way up on his feet! He has done it several times now and tonight Mom said that he did it over on the step! Watch out...he's on his way now!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Trying to get up on his feet....

He made it up all the way!! Oh...and one other thing! Luke has another tooth! His top right tooth finally broke through last week. Now we're waiting on the other top one...it shouldn't be far behind.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are having a blast on vacation! Luke is getting more spoiled every day! If he even thinks about crying, Memaw and Grandpa are right there to pick him up or give him whatever he wants!! We have been here a week now and have been busy just about every day. We've been to Aunt Thelma's Dairy Farm and seen the cows, been to Uncle David's and Aunt Lisa and petted the horses and went swimming!, been shopping, fishing and hanging out at the lake. This week we have lots more planned...the best will be going to Pittsburgh on Sunday! We will be taking Luke to the Pirates baseball game (to watch Uncle Bubba's friend Freddy Sanchez!), spending the night and enjoying the scenery and city of Pittsburgh.
And...I've got to share this. When Dad became a Grandpa (almost 5 years ago), he was adamant that he wanted to be called GRANDPA...nothing else! Well, this week, he has been trying to teach Luke how to say PAPA!!! It's hilarious (and he says he will have him saying it before we leave
!). Those two have become best buds this past week. I don't know what they will do without each other when we leave next month.
Here are a few pictures from the past week...

I LOVE the water!

Grandpa and Luke in their matching shirts (Grandpa's Father's Day gift)....Big Fish, Small Fry

Luke wanted to touch the fish!

How cute is this???

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today Luke got to pet his first horse! Aunt Lisa took him out to see her horses. She said she would take him for a ride next year!! He's already looking forward to it (he loves to bounce up and down and pretend he's on a horse already!!)!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Made It!

We made it to Memaw andGrandpa's on Monday! Luke is loving it (as are Memaw and Grandpa!)! :)
Luke did great on the plane rides here. We left Dallas and flew into Atlanta....on that ride he fell asleep before we were all the way in the air and slept until about 20 minutes before we landed. We had a layover in Atlanta, where Luke was able to stretch and crawl around on the floor for awhile. On our flight from Atlanta to Akron, he fell asleep before we even left the gate!! Again he slept until we were about 20 minutes from landing. Here is a picture of Luke on the plane...

The park/lake where my parents are living for the summer is beautiful. There is sooo much to do here! There is a big lake, swimming/beach area, playground, miniature golf and a golf course! There are also cabins...so come on up and join us! Here is the view from their front porch...

I will update some more later. The computer is being too slow for me! :) Oh...and for all of you in the 100 degree heat...the temp. is in the 60's right now!! Wonderful!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Check it out!

Today while Luke and I were shopping for some last minute necessaties for our trip....I was in the baby section. And....look at the adorable potty I found. No...I haven't bought it yet, but I plan to when we get back from vacation. Yes, I know...it will be awhile before Luke is potty trained. But...we MUST have this potty!!! It even plays "stadium cheers".

(Hey Lacy...I saw online that they make a basketball one. Julian has to have it!!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today was a day to celebrate! A big group of coworkers/friends went to lunch today to celebrate Debbie graduating from college (and passing her test and her 1st teaching job!) and my birthday! Thanks to Cindy for the yummy cake!! Also, Lacy and Julian came in from Houston, so we had all the boys together again! Here are a few pictures...

My little Air Jordan! Mommy and Luke
Mommy's yummy cake.....Luke dug his hand right into it!!! I guess he thought it was HIS birthday! Mommy, Luke, Jacque, Carson, Lacy and Julian CHEESE!... Luke & Julian
Luke & Ms. Tanya

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Okla. Visit

We came back from our short Oklahoma trip today. We are both exhausted!! Luke is such a great traveler. We left Sat. morning right around his nap time and he slept all the way to Wichita Falls! He talked and played the last 45 minutes of our trip. We then got back in the car that afternoon and drove to OKC to watch Nicholas play ball. What a long day!! Luke slept on the way back and stayed asleep when I put him in bed that night...YEAH!! We went to Central on Sunday to church (although, Luke decided to talk really loud, so we had to leave and go to the nursery) and then went to visit Sonya and her family. Sunday night we had a yummy cookout at Bill and Angie's new house! Monday consisted of running around trying to visit as many people as we could (oh, and Mommy chopped her hair off today! I'll have to get some pictures later). Luke was finally getting sick and tired of getting in and out of his carseat! This morning we stopped to see a few more people and then headed on home. Now it's time to unpack and do all the laundry so we can pack again!! We are so excited to be leaving in a few days for Memaw and Grandpa's!!
Here are a few pictures from our trip...

Nicholas and Luke before his game
Luke loved riding the boat at the mall!
John, Haley, and Luke
Sonya and Luke
Luke loved playing with Snickers!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Vacation!!

Today we officially started our Summer Vacation!!! Tomorrow morning Luke and I are going to head to Okla to visit some family and friends for a few days and will come back Tues. afternoon. Wednesday (my 1st birthday as a mommy!!) and Thursday, I have some appointments and in between we have to do all of our laundry and pack again. Monday the 15th, we fly out to see Memaw and Grandpa for a month!! We are all very excited!! Here are just a few pictures from the past week...
Getting better at drinking from my sippy cup!This banana is yummy! (Yes...there is a fresh banana in there!)Eating his first french fry!! Grandpa thinks it looks like a goatee!!Hey Mr. Jordan....can you give me a ride on your Hawg??

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

7 Months!

Today is Luke's 7 month birthday!! I know I say it every month, but really...it does not feel like I have had this precious little boy in my care for 7 months! He is still the most perfect boy ever!! This past month we have started crawling, sitting up all the time!, and eating meats/dinners. Also this past month, Luke has decided he doesn't want to be still and lay on the changing table. He is constantly turning over and crawling to the end. He has now started grabbing ahold and pulling himself up on it...it looks like he's doing chinups! Luke is also starting to talk more and more. I don't know where he gets the talking/making LOTS of noises from! Ha!
Here is Luke's monkey picture...The monkey is starting to look smaller compared to him!!