Monday, January 31, 2011

Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Yesterday, we took Luke to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. He was all dressed in his cowboy gear and looking quite handsome! I had never been before and couldn't believe how much it was like the fair....tons of games, food and rides! Luke and Papa went down the BIG SLIDE! Luke absolutely loves slides!
At the top...ready to come down!

I wish you could see Luke's face in this picture. He has the biggest smile!! He would have went down it all day long!

After the slide, we went over to see some animals. Luke loves him some farm animals!! I was really surprised when he wanted to ride the horse. Again, he had the biggest smile and was so happy riding! I asked him if he wanted Papa to buy him a horse and he said "yes!"!!

Isn't he the cutest little cowboy?!?!

We also went to the rodeo. I was really afraid that Luke would get restless and not want to sit. And, it was right around his nap time. But, he was sooo good!! He sat in his own seat during the whole rodeo and watched the whole thing! A few times, he got sleepy and would lay his head on me....but, I was so proud of how he did!! He loves seeing the "moo moo's" and would ask where they were if they weren't in the arena at that time. Maybe I've got a cowboy on my hands?!?

This was the only picture I took during the rodeo. He was watching the rodeo as he ate his cotton candy!

Thank you Mimi and Papa for taking us to the Rodeo. We can't wait to go again!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wildlife Refuge

After Christmas we went to Okla. for a few days. I wanted to take Luke out to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge to see if we could see any animals. I also wanted to take him up Mt. Scott and then on to Meers for lunch.

We stopped at the visitors center first and looked around. Luke had fun seeing all the animals....he didn't know they were stuffed!! Ha! We left and went to Mt. Scott....only for it to be closed!! We have no idea why it was close...the weather was nice and clear. I was sad! So, we went on and ate lunch at Meer's. If you've never been...GO!! It's yummy! After lunch, we decided to go to Holy City and look around. Luke got to see several prairie dogs along the way! Check out our day....

Luke and Papa climbed up to the Jesus statue

Luke and his Papa

Luke sitting on the Chapel steps.

Here's a funny story....Luke loves to sing. Every Sunday at church, he runs into the sanctuary to sing. We went in the doors of the chapel and Luke took off to the center isle. He ran up the isle--who cares that there were chains across, saying "keep out"--and gets on the pulpit and starts singing!!! He knew exactly where he was! Watch out...we might have a music minister on our hands!


I know...I'm a little late! I planned on getting my blog up to date last week and only got 2 posts done.
We had such a fun Christmas this year with Luke. He really "got into" the whole idea of Santa. He calls Santa "Ro Ro" because he can't say Ho, Ho, Ho and in turns, thinks that is Santa's name. He woke up on Christmas and saw all of his wonderful gifts. His favorite things were the basketball goal and the guitar! Of course, after we got all of our gifts opened, we had to play with everything!! Here are a few pictures of Christmas morning at our house!
Luke's stocking...Yes, that is a Dora beanie....he loves Dora!Luke shooting baskets on his new goal!Playing a few tunes and singing for us!It's ELMO!!!Dr. WilsonLuke and Papa playing his Lucky Ducks game

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cookies for Santa

Luke loves doesn't matter if it's raking leaves, sweeping the floor, doing laundry or cooking! So...I thought he would enjoy making cookies for Santa. And...he did! I baked the cookies while he was taking a nap and then I let him decorate them. Here are a few pictures of Luke's decorating skills!

This is FUN!!

Which one should I use on this cookie?Spreading on some icing! Yum!

Gingerbread House/Lights

Lots of Updates
I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged and shared pictures! I guess you can tell we've been busy! I'll try and make several posts instead of one HUGE one!
Luke and I made a Gingerbread house. He thought it was lots of fun!! I think his favorite part was eating the candy. I think he would put a piece on, eat a piece, put a piece on, eat a get the idea!!

Not too bad for a 2 year old!

Now I can eat some!!

We also took Luke to see some Christmas lights. He sat in the front seat with Papa and just watched out the window (and hung out the window some!). He loved them. They also had some rides there. Luke rode the Carousel three times...once with Mommy, once with Mimi, and once with Papa. We also got him to ride the Dizzy Dragons (Tilt O'Whirl). We thought he would be a little scared...but, NO. He laughed so much on the ride. If the line wouldn't have been so long, we'd have rode again!