Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa! Luke and I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day! We can't wait to see you and Memaw this weekend!! :)
Luke LOVES his Grandpa (and his Grandpa thinks he's pretty great, too)...

Life gets in the way...

I have been horrible about updating and posting pictures lately. It's so hard to find time! I can't get on the computer when Luke is awake because he wants to beat on the keyboard and when he goes to sleep...I'm too exhausted to get on the computer! Hopefully I can start doing a little better! There isn't a lot of exciting news to report. Luke is still Mr. Daredevil and has no fear. He will climb on anything and try to walk across the couch or recliner....very scary for momma! He has learned how to scream. He thinks it's hilarious...he will just scream at the top of his lungs, laugh, and then do it again. I sure hope the neighbors can't hear him! :) Here are several pictures of my little man (sorry for the bad quality on a lot of them...they were taken with my phone).
This ring pop is yummy!Yes, I think this is a cool place to lay...
Luke's 1st church art project!Having a snack at the mall!Luke loves books! Climbing the couch because he noticed the light switch!Loving on Mommy's childhood Raggedy AnnI love this pic!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Luke the Ghost

Last night Luke thought it was hilarious to put his blanket over his head and walk around! Of course, he couldn't see where he was going and kept running into walls! He would hit a wall...or a toy...fall down, start laughing, get up and do it all again! He was walking around the whole house like this. He did this for at least 10-15 minutes. I tried to get some pictures, but they were blurry because he kept moving! I finally got a few seconds of it on video. Check out my funny little ghost...

Luke has been doing a few other cute things lately. He has started saying "uh-oh" and will do peek-a-boo by himself. Luke knows where his nose is, his belly and his shoes (although, he won't do it on video!). He has also said "grandpa" a few times. Here is a short video of him showing me his nose and then doing peek-a-boo!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We made it!

Well, we've made it the first few days without Memaw and's been really hard, but we've made it! And...we survived our first day back to work/babysitter after the long holiday. It was soooo hard to leave Luke this morning, a lot harder than it was a year ago. Today marked 1 year since he has been going to Ms. Caren! :) I'm so thankful to have found a wonderul home babysitter...and...she's just down the street from my school!
Since Memaw and Grandpa are gone...I've gotta start with all the pictures again, so they can see their little man. I hope you don't mind!
Before I child (like all others, I'm sure) is obsessed with buttons! He found the Directv box awhile back and would push the button to change channels, but after a few minutes would leave them alone. Well, over the weekend, he found the tv buttons. He kept turning the thing on and off. The more I would tell him NO, the more he would laugh and head straight for the buttons again. STINKER!! I decided to let him turn it off and we just wouldn't watch tv. That didn't work either because he turned it on and off about 50 times in probably 10 seconds...I thought the tv was going to blow up! I smacked his hand, told him NO, and eventually put him in "baby jail" (aka pack n play). I found some guards online and went and purchased them the next day! Success!!! He hasn't been able to mess with the tv since!!
Luke trying to climb out of "baby jail"
A great purchase! Luke's new Air Jordan outfitLuke thinks he's cool enough to take off his own shirt and then sit on his table One of the rare shots of Luke crying...he was so tired and throwing a fit!Yeah, I'm such a big boy!I'm a silly boy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a sad day...

It's a sad day at our house. Memaw and Grandpa left! We have enjoyed having them stay with us for the past few months and don't know what we are going to do without them! Yes, I said, past few months! Memaw and Grandpa came in for Luke's 1st birthday and were having work done on their Fifth Wheel (their HOME!) while they were here. Well, it took 6 weeks to get it fixed and by then, it was time for Christmas! So, they planned on leaving right after Christmas and wouldn't you know it...things just kept happening to keep them here a little longer. First, my car broke down...then, Uncle Bubba came in for a visit...then, the charger was dead on the Fifth Wheel. Finally, they got everything loaded and headed out for South Texas this morning. Please pray they have a safe trip today. We are already looking forward to them coming back...SOON!!
Thanks Mom for all of the wonderful meals you cooked and all of the cleaning you did while you were here. Thank you Dad for fixing my car and all of the other things that you fixed around here!! I'm sure you are both glad to be in your OWN home again! But...what in the world will you do without Luke trying to climb in your lap to eat your food or drink your drink?? At least you won't have to hide the "gene stick" (aka...the remote control) from Columbo!!!