Saturday, March 28, 2009

Luke's New Friends

Last night Luke got to meet some new friends! Julian and his momma, Lacy (we used to teach together) came to town (they live in Houston). Thanks to Cindy H., she invited everyone over to her house for a get-together so everyone could finally meet! This past fall there were 4 of us that were pregnant and all due within a few weeks of each other. Luke is the oldest, born on Nov. 2. Sadie, the only girl out of the bunch, was born on Nov. 26. Julian was born on Dec. 5 and Carson was born on Dec. 22. Unfortunately Sadie didn't get to make it last night, but all of the boys got to meet!! At one point Lacy put Julian down with Luke to see if they would look at each other, play, touch, etc. He first just rubbed Julians hair...probably wondering what it was, since he doesn't have any! Then....Luke decided to be a bully! He began to grab Julian's ear. What a meanie!! He must take after his Uncle Bubba! :) Here are a few pictures of the boys together!

A little squashed!

Luke, Julian and CarsonNo socks!!Close up of the sweet little boys!
Me, Luke, Lacy, Julian, Jacque and Carson

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