Friday, June 3, 2011

My Little Cowboy

Once again I took Luke for some pictures. I was trying to do some cowboy pictures, but I couldn't find a small saddle to we just went with his hat! The photographer that I've been using is amazing! He got some really good pictures of Luke.

Howdy Ma'am!
Check out those dimples!
Silly Cowboy!We also took some beach pictures!!

My coppertone baby!
Anyone want to play catch?

Sorry for the bad quality of some of them....I copied them off of the website. IF you'd like to see more pictures, go to

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

As I've said before, I have the best job ever...being Luke's mommy! As a little girl (and a young adult), all I ever wanted was to be a mommy. I had the best role model and wanted to be just like her (thanks mom!)! Three years ago, my dream came true and God chose me to Luke's mommy. It's getting harder to get pictures with Luke, so this was the best I could get!

Easter at the Zoo

Luke with the first dinosaur we saw. He thinks they are all Rex from Toy Story!
Luke telling the orangutan "hi"!
Luke was so excited to ride the "choo choo train"!!!
Luke checking out Rex and baby Rex

Sherriff Luke...we found a Woody hat and a badge with his name on it in one of the gift shops!
Luke loved feeding the parakeets!! He would have stayed in here all day!

Luke's Easter

This year Luke got to dye and decorate Easter eggs!! He thought it was pretty cool.

He woke up on Easter morning and was a little tired, so it took him a little while to figure out the Easter Bunny had came. Once, he saw his overflowing basket...he was EXCITED!!

Mr. Potato of Luke's favorte things!

After playing with the toys and eating a little bit of candy, it was time to get ready for church.

Of course, you can't ever get a picture where all 3 people are smiling at the same time! ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter's been a long time since I've posted on here. I can't believe how busy life has been the past few months. Luke and I have enjoyed having Mimi and Papa here this winter. We are going to be sad when they leave for Ohio in a few weeks. But...Luke will have swimming lessons twice a week in May to keep us busy. And, then in June we will be heading to Ohio!!!
We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with their family. Remember the reason for's not the bunny!

Here are a few pictures of Luke. We went shopping about a month ago and ended up getting Luke's pictures done with bunnies! The photographer was awesome and we got some really good shots! Enjoy!

My baby is growing up! He looks like a big boy in this picture!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day for Luke and his mommy! We hope you have a blessed day with your loved ones!! Luke's valentine's for his friends at Ms. Caren's
Making cookies to share at Ms. Caren's
Luke had to watch his cookies baking!
My Valentine!!
Digging into his Valentine goodies!
Luke and Mommy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yee Haw!

Ever since we took Luke to the rodeo (and of course watching Woody), Luke thinks he's a cowboy! He loves to ride his horse and wave his cowboy hat in the air while yelling "yee haw!". Last night, he even had to wear his cowboy hat to bed!! Here are a couple of videos of him...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Yesterday, we took Luke to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. He was all dressed in his cowboy gear and looking quite handsome! I had never been before and couldn't believe how much it was like the fair....tons of games, food and rides! Luke and Papa went down the BIG SLIDE! Luke absolutely loves slides!
At the top...ready to come down!

I wish you could see Luke's face in this picture. He has the biggest smile!! He would have went down it all day long!

After the slide, we went over to see some animals. Luke loves him some farm animals!! I was really surprised when he wanted to ride the horse. Again, he had the biggest smile and was so happy riding! I asked him if he wanted Papa to buy him a horse and he said "yes!"!!

Isn't he the cutest little cowboy?!?!

We also went to the rodeo. I was really afraid that Luke would get restless and not want to sit. And, it was right around his nap time. But, he was sooo good!! He sat in his own seat during the whole rodeo and watched the whole thing! A few times, he got sleepy and would lay his head on me....but, I was so proud of how he did!! He loves seeing the "moo moo's" and would ask where they were if they weren't in the arena at that time. Maybe I've got a cowboy on my hands?!?

This was the only picture I took during the rodeo. He was watching the rodeo as he ate his cotton candy!

Thank you Mimi and Papa for taking us to the Rodeo. We can't wait to go again!!