Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sitting Up and New Pics

Yesterday I was so excited about Luke's new tooth that I forgot to mention how he is sitting up by himself!! He has been trying for awhile but usually falls over after a few seconds or so. Tonight we were on the floor playing and he sat up for about 10-15 minutes without falling over!!! I have a few videos that I've uploaded to the dropshots website, if you're interested.

And...since Memaw and Grandpa are on the road, I have to share pictures for them to see.
Luke loves bath time!

Worn out after a day with all the girls (he's the only boy at the babysitters!)Sitting up and playing like a BIG BOY!!

It's hard to see...but....he has a tooth on the bottom left front!!We are getting some longer hair!! Check out the Alfalfa look!! Grandpa....are you jealous???

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Here!!

Luke's 1st tooth is here!! Yesterday I thought I saw something white on the bottom left of his mouth, but I couldn't feel anything. Earlier this evening, I tried feeling again....still nothing. Then while we were playing I swore I saw something. SO....I layed him down and opened his mouth enough to see it...it's barely poking through, but it's there!! I can FEEL it!!! It is hard to get a picture of his mouth, so I will work on getting one! And...the new tooth will explain the horrible diaper rash he developed yesterday.

I have to share this video. This is Luke 24/7! I'm so lucky (and thankful!) to have such a happy baby.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here are just a couple of cute pictures of Luke! I can't believe how much he is growing. He is now rolling over all he way (both directions) and rolling around the floor. He is also starting to get his knees up under him and scooting!

Oh...and, I updated some new videos, if you care to watch. Just click on the link on the right!

Luke's new highchair!
My little Yankee fan

Doesn't he look like such a big boy??
Luke's new shoes!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today Luke celebrated his first Easter. I know he didn't know what was going on and has no idea what Easter really means...but, eventually he will! Luke woke up this morning and had an Easter basket waiting from the Easter Bunny! He got a bunny book, a bath toy and a few pieces of chocolate (you know who will be eating that!). He got all dressed in his little Easter outfit and hat and off to church we went. He was really good during the singing, but then started to get fussy, hungry and tired when the preaching was about to begin! Luke also got a new swing this week for Easter from his Memaw and Grandpa. He LOVES swinging and being outdoors! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and was able to spend time with family.

Luke's new swing!

MMMM...Chocolate! Luke and his 1st Easter basket!
Mommy and Luke before church

Luke "reading" his new bunny book

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tonight we took Luke to his first baseball game...a Major League Baseball game, at that! Of course he didn't know what was going on, but he enjoyed it! Here are a few pictures from his first game...
Mommy and Luke at the game

Mr. Baseball
And...Luke is having his first sleepover tonight. He is staying with Memaw and Grandpa!! I hope he sleeps through the night and is a good boy for them!
Now...I must go to bed and get some rest! I hope I can actually sleep and not wake up constantly wanting to go and check on him. This is the first night I've spent alone in over 5 months!! GOOD NIGHT!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I wanted to get pictures of Luke and I in the Bluebonnets. If you're not from Texas, this a tradition done around Easter, when the Bluebonnets are in bloom. I have been scouting around for a big patch that was a safe distance from the road! I finally found a big area of them yesterday and we braved the WIND to get some pictures. We didn't get many good shots, but I got enough. Here are a few of the good ones!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

5 Months Old!!

My Dearest Baby Luke,

I can't believe that 1 year ago today I was telling Memaw and Grandpa that you would be arriving! And now here it is, 5 months since you came into our lives. I am amazed every day with the new things you are doing. You are such a happy baby. You love everyone and will laugh and smile at anyone that will look at you...even people in the lines at stores!
In the past month you have started doing a lot of new things...
*You are now eating vegetables and fruit at dinner time. Your favorites are squash and carrots!
*You are rolling over from your tummy to your back. And...you are not far from rolling over the other way!
*You are always putting things in your mouth....Mommy's fingers, the remote control, Mommy's phone, toys...and your favorite--your FEET! This past month you have discovered your feet and you LOVE them. You are constantly putting them in your mouth. It doesn't matter if there are socks on them or not...you are going to put them in your mouth!
*You are talking more and more! You love to hear your voice!
*You are beginning to sit up!! You can sit by yourself for just a couple of seconds and then you start to fall over. I know it won't be long until you are sitting up and playing with all of your toys.
*You have started drinking water from a sippy cup. You mostly like to hold it and play with the handles, but you do get a few drinks out of it.
*And last...you are beginning to make it difficult for Mommy to change your diapers! You don't lay still like you used to! You are constantly turning and trying to grab the rails of the changing table or grab my wrists and pulling on me. Or...you are eating on your feet (like in the above picture from this morning!)!!!
Mommy is so happy that you are in her life. I love playing with you and hearing you laugh. And your smile could melt anyone!! I am looking forward to seeing all of the new things you do this month!!

Luke with his monkey this morning...
Can you tell how much he's grown from last months picture??
Mommy and Luke

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeling Crafty

I made tshirts for my classes to wear on our field trip. So....I decided to continue the craftiness and make Luke a few things. I made him 2 bibs and 4 onesies. For the most part, they turned out really cute. I don't know why the Luke bib and the Grandpa onesie turned a little yellow, but oh well...can't always be perfect!