Friday, March 13, 2009

SPRING BREAK!!'s finally here ( about 5 hours!)!!! Luke and I are excited about spring break. Luke will be taking his first of many plane rides! We are going to go and visit Memaw and Grandpa for the week. I'm excited/anxious/nervous about being on a plane with Luke. I'm sure it will be just fine...I've seen plenty of other mommy's do it. least our flight is only an hour and fifteen minutes. I am hoping that the weather will be nice down there. We have plans of going back to the beach and actually swimming this time! But...if the weather is bad, we can at least go swimming in the indoor pool! I know that Memaw and Grandpa are super excited for Luke to get there (I don't think they're as excited about me coming! Ha! You know, it's all about Luke now!!). I will try to update next week and share some pictures of our trip. If you have spring break---I hope you have a wonderful and safe time where ever you go!! If you don't---well, I'm sorry for you!! :) Have a great weekend!

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