Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An afternoon at the playground

Yesterday after work, I decided to take Luke to my school's playground, since the weather was finally decent. As you can tell from the pictures...he LOVES to slide and had a blast!

Elmo Heaven...

Luke was in Elmo heaven a few nights ago. He got his new "Elmo's World BALLS" book and his personalized Elmo cd (that sings his name throughout) in the mail. And to top it off, he received a package from Papa and Memaw of Elmo pajamas!! Can I just tell you that my boy LOVES Elmo!!!
Here he is looking at his new book, with his pajamas tucked under his arm!Even though they're long sleeved...he HAD to have the shirt on!Then, he decided that he NEEDED the pants on, too!!How cute is this boy?!?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baseball Player...

Luke's favorite thing to do it play ball. I told my parents this weekend, that sometimes I feel like I'm living with my brother again! Luke has discovered that he can throw the ball against the wall and it will come back to him....I remember hearing that sound way too many times growing up!! :) At least he hasn't figured out how to lay on his back and throw it into the air....yet!
Here are a few pictures of Luke hitting the ball off his teeball stand. I have never showed him how to hold the bat. He just automatically picks it up (EVERYTIME) with his hands correct and turned to bat LEFT HANDED! I guess we'll see soon enough if he's going to be a lefty or a righty.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparent's Day!

Luke has absolutely the best Grandparents in the WORLD!!! He is the luckiest little boy! He truly loves his Memaw and Papa! :) He still can't quite say Memaw and sometimes he says Nana...who care which one, just decide and start calling her something!! But, he definately has the word Papa down!! That is one of his favorite words and daily he says it (over and over!)! He is a Papa's boy! He lights up when he hears his Papa on the phone.
This morning we made a sign and colored on it for Grandparent's Day. It was a lot more difficult to get him to sit still and hold the sign, now that he is almost 2! Here are a few of the pictures I did get.

Happy Grandparent's Day Memaw and Papa!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini Vacay!

Luke and I went to visit Memaw and Papa over the Labor Day weekend. It was a very short trip, but it was worth it. Luke misses his Papa very much! We are already looking forward to them coming back down south for the winter! Here are a few pictures to tell about our weekend.

Luke and Papa petting a horse at the Canfield Fair.

Luke is ready to mow the yard!

Papa and Unkie won this stuffed dog for Luke at the fair.

Luke played a fishing game and won himself a bat!

Luke and Papa waiting at the Japanese Steakhouse.

Luke and Papa sharing some good food at the family picnic.

Luke loves dogs!

Luke swinging at the playground! He would live there, if you'd let him!Check out the big shoe!Luke noticed the Amish buggy going by and started pointing. I think he remembered how much he liked riding in it this summer!Luke and MommyPapa, Luke and MemawLuke on Unkie's 4-wheeler. Too bad he was a chicken and wouldn't ride it!