Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend in Oklahoma

This weekend Luke and I took off early Friday and headed to Oklahoma....for the big Central High Homecoming!! My dear friend Sonya's oldest was a homecoming candidate, so we went to support her and see her in her beautiful dress. Luke also got to see lots of mommy's old friends and teachers. Such an exciting night....and the Bronchos won!!
Sonya & KimberKimber, Mommy and Luke
John (Sonya's husband)
& Mr. Too Cool Gotta Wear My Shades At Night!!

On Saturday, we mostly hung out at Aunt Heather's. We did go out and surprise Luke's Great Grandma. She had no idea we were coming to town and was very surprised to see us walk through the door! Aunt Sue and Lacie also came to Grandma's to see Luke (and Aunt Pam just happened to show up!). Aunt Sue was determined to get Luke to walk. The only thing she got, was Luke mad! He didn't want to walk and finally started puckering up and crying!!! But, Luke did have fun playing with Lacie. We left Grandma's so we could go home and watch the OU game. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I only got to see the first half....Luke wouldn't go to sleep, so I layed down in bed with him and we both fell asleep!!! I woke up to find out OU had lost by 1. Darn!

Just hanging out on Aunt Heather's counter
while she's giving me some yummy grapes!

Ewww...that one was sour!!

Here is a funny video of Luke and Aunt Heather. She was bouncing him on her leg and he thought it was hilarious! He would start to bounce on his own so she would do it again. He finally stood up in front of her and would start jumping!!!

Luke and I met another dear friend, Beth for brunch at Cracker Barrell before we headed back to Texas. It was so good to see her and spend a little time catching up! Luke was being silly and trying to get Beth to laugh at him!Beth & LukeI sure do miss ALL of my Oklahoma friends!!! Thank you everyone for a GREAT WEEKEND!! Now, it's time for everyone to come to Dallas and visit us!!

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