Monday, October 19, 2009


Luke is WALKING!!! Saturday night he let go of the recliner and walked all the way to the kitchen gate...which is quite a little walk for someone who hasn't taken more than about 5 steps! I about fell of the couch...I couldn't believe it!!! I went to get his bottle a little while later and watched, he did it again! On Sunday, he would try to walk...A LOT...but, would fall after a few steps. But, still, this was progress. Before he never wanted to let go and TRY! Today, he must have really watched the girls at the babysitters and decided that he could do it, too! We came home and he has been walking everywhere. And...I finally got it on video. Please ignore the toys and all of the things stacked up around the fireplace (Luke is a climber and I have to block it somehow!). This was the best and longest video that I got of him earlier. He walked from the recliner to the couch (for a break) and then walked to his room. Enjoy!!!

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