Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow...it's December already!

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! I have our tree up and most of the presents wrapped and underneath. Thankfully, Luke hasn't messed with the presents much...but, he sure does love the ornaments! I bought new ornaments this year and they are plastic!!! But, I have had to take all of the ornaments off the bottom of the tree because he loves them sooo much!! We also have the outside decorated a little! I can't wait to take him to see Santa and get his picture made. I hope he will sit with Santa and not be scared...we will be doing that at Breakfast with Santa this weekend!! I'll let you know how it goes! Tonight we are going to have our family Christmas pictures done...pray they turn out cute! :)
Memaw and Grandpa are still here!!! Luke is loving every second that they are around. Can you say SPOILED?!?! Grandpa loves to take him for a ride around the block in his new "ride". And, Memaw loves to cook some yummy food for him!
Memaw's Little Reindeer

Luke talking to Santa...after he took a bow off of a present!

And lastly...when your child goes into the kitchen...and it gets really quiet...you know he is up to something!! This is what Memaw found when she walked in...He found his box of cookies...opened and dumped them all out...then was watching his reflection in the dishwasher, as he was eating and making faces!!! What a monster!!! I sure do love him!!

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