Monday, December 28, 2009


Yesterday we got a wonderful surprise!! Memaw, Grandpa, Luke and I were at Walmart when Uncle Bubba called (he lives in Biloxi, for those of you who don't know). He was talking to Grandpa and I heard Grandpa ask him where he was and what he was doing. Luke and I walked on to the Christmas section to see if we could find any deals. Memaw joined us a few minutes later and was talking to Uncle Bubba. After they hung up, I asked what he wanted. She said he had dropped off Holly to do some shopping and he was driving around with the boys. A few minutes later, the phone rang (Grandpa's phone..which Memaw had from talking to Uncle Bubba) and it said "Bubba" was calling. When Memaw answered I heard her tell them that we were in the Christmas section. When she hung up, she said "That was weird. It said "Bubba", but it was your dad on the phone". We kinda looked at each and said "Do you think they...meaning Bubba and the boys...are here?" We both said "no" and dismissed the idea. Memaw decided to look down the long aisle and didn't see anyone. After a few more seconds, I asked again..."do you think they are here?". Then, of course, I got excited and emotional and started to get teary eyed thinking that my brother could be here!! She thought she could see him coming down the, I threw down all the things I was looking at and decided to look for myself. And...way down the aisle...I could see my brother's head above everyone else's!!! I was sooo excited. I could not believe that my brother and his boys were surprising us!!!
Grandpa, Luke and Uncle Bubba

The Wilson Boy's...Grandpa, Luke, Colby, Uncle Bubba, & CannonJust a few other pictures from the last few days...
Luke's new Air Jordan outfit!Luke's new trick...he LOVES sticking out his tongue!Showing off his new Nike'sPlaying at McDonalds

Driving the bus (like Uncle Bubba & Great Aunt Sue!)

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