Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa came!!!

Luke didn't sleep very good last must have been all the excitement of Santa coming! Luke woke up about 7:00 AM and was up for good. He walked into the living room to find that Santa had came and brought lots of gifts!
This is the tree after "Santa" came...Luke got a ball pit/slide, a Mega Block table, puzzle and a caterpillar learning toy from Santa. He also got a John Deere Buck and a HUGE teddy bear!! And...that's not all...Luke got lots of clothes, 2 pair of Nike's, toys and some movies!! Santa also left a monkey rug for the bathroom and a "forehead" thermometer for Mommy and Luke.
Luke, Grandpa and teddy bear...Mommy, Memaw and Grandpa got lots of nice gifts from everyone, too.
One of mommy's favorite gifts...
We also had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! Luke loves being outside and in the snow was no different...he would have stayed out there all day, if we would have let him!

Mommy and Luke all bundled up!

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