Thursday, July 30, 2009

Luke's Loveseat

I have finished rearranging Luke's room...for now!. Memaw and Grandpa bought Luke a cradle that turns into a loveseat!!! I finally got it out of my room (he hasn't been in it since he was 4 mo. old) and converted it to the loveseat and put it in his room. I left the bumper pad on it to make it cushiony (is that a word?) and put some of his stuffed animals on it. I know that he can't sit on it now....who knows, he will probably be trying to climb up into it!, but I wanted to get it in his room (and out of mine!!).
Isn't this the cutest onesie that I bought while we were on vacation!
Luke's Loveseat and toy area

Luke had to be contained in his crib while I was moving furniture!!

It didn't take him long to discover the new addition to his room....and take everything off!!

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Holly said...

We recently changed Luke's crib to the toddler bed... He loves climbing in and out and in and out and in and out.... :)