Thursday, July 2, 2009

8 Months Old

My Dearest Luke,
Today is your 8 Month birthday! You have blessed me in so many ways over the past 8 months. You amaze me everyday! In the past month you have learned so many new things. You...
*get anywhere you want! You started out army crawling (on your belly) you are up on all fours and can move very quickly!
*have 3 teeth!
*have learned how to give rasberries! You do it quite often and want someone to do it back to you.
*have learned how to pat-a-cake. You immediately start clapping when Memaw or Grandpa ask you to pat-a-cake.
*have learned how to pull yourself up. You are always pulling yourself up on the couch, the chair, the steps...basically anywhere you can grab onto and pull up!
*have learned how to climb up steps. (I'm not too thrilled about this new one!)
I am loving every minute of being your mommy! You make me sooo proud!!
I love you,

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