Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look who misses someone...

Yesterday Luke found a framed picture of Memaw and Grandpa on a bench in the hallway. I took it from him and told him no and put it back. We left to go out to eat and when we came back, the first place he went was the hallway. I heard a loud noise and just knew he had pulled something on him and he was going to be hurt. Nope...he had remembered where Memaw and Grandpa's picture was and had went to get it!! This is what I found when I walked in the hallway. I think he misses them!!!

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Holly said...

That is so stinkin cute...I am sure your parents were thrilled!! :)

Just wait until he can tell you he wants to call them. My Luke will grab my phone and say either Nana or PP and if you don't call them you will see the biggest fit... :)