Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back home...

Well, we finally made it back to Texas (after an extra 2.5 hour layover in Atlanta!). Sorry that I didn't get to post much while I was gone...not much internet service at the Lake and then Mom's internet finally quit!)., I will attempt to update you on all that has happened in the last month.
*Luke had a great time with his Memaw and Grandpa. Memaw loved playing with him and reading to him. Grandpa took Luke on daily walks around the Lake.
*Luke has learned to crawl anywhere he wants...literally!! (Here he is in the nightstand at the hotel! *Luke learned how to pull himself up and he has begun to take a few steps walking around things.
*Luke learned how to climb up the 3 stairs at Memaw and Grandpa's. His favorite thing to do, was to crawl up the steps, go into the bathroom and pull the toilet paper off (and...if the bathroom door was shut...he knew there was another one on the other side and would go to it!!)!! *Luke learned to crawl into drawers!
*Luke learned how to pat-a-cake and how to wave bye.
*Luke went swimming in a BIG pool (not our little backyard one!)...and LOVED it!! I can tell I have a water baby!!
*Luke went fishing!!
*Luke now has 4 teeth...and a 5th on the way!!!

Just some other cute pictures....

Luke's ready to drive!! This is his Great Great Uncle's 47 Ford.

Luke loves to swing!!

Checking himself out in Memaw's mirror

Mommy spiked Luke's hair!! He looked rotten!!! ;-)

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