Monday, January 31, 2011

Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Yesterday, we took Luke to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. He was all dressed in his cowboy gear and looking quite handsome! I had never been before and couldn't believe how much it was like the fair....tons of games, food and rides! Luke and Papa went down the BIG SLIDE! Luke absolutely loves slides!
At the top...ready to come down!

I wish you could see Luke's face in this picture. He has the biggest smile!! He would have went down it all day long!

After the slide, we went over to see some animals. Luke loves him some farm animals!! I was really surprised when he wanted to ride the horse. Again, he had the biggest smile and was so happy riding! I asked him if he wanted Papa to buy him a horse and he said "yes!"!!

Isn't he the cutest little cowboy?!?!

We also went to the rodeo. I was really afraid that Luke would get restless and not want to sit. And, it was right around his nap time. But, he was sooo good!! He sat in his own seat during the whole rodeo and watched the whole thing! A few times, he got sleepy and would lay his head on me....but, I was so proud of how he did!! He loves seeing the "moo moo's" and would ask where they were if they weren't in the arena at that time. Maybe I've got a cowboy on my hands?!?

This was the only picture I took during the rodeo. He was watching the rodeo as he ate his cotton candy!

Thank you Mimi and Papa for taking us to the Rodeo. We can't wait to go again!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! You are truly blessed.
Susan T.