Monday, December 13, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

This past Saturday, a good friend and I hosted Breakfast with Santa for a few friends and their children. It was a lot of fun seeing the kiddos in their jammies and waiting for Santa to arrive. I'm not sure a lot of them realized what was going on...until Santa rang the doorbell! I was kinda worried about how Luke would do. As soon as Santa came in, Luke came running to me scared! He had me pick him up, but then he wanted to shake Santa's hand. After Santa visited and started pulling gifts out of his bag, Luke wasn't as scared. Actually, he was quite funny. He kept inching closer and closer to Santa, waiting for his name to be called. At one point, he even pointed at himself and said his name because he wanted Santa to call it. Once Santa called his name, he couldn't get to him fast enough as he came running around the couch! I'm so glad that Luke (and all of the kids--and their parents)enjoyed it. I'm ready for next years! Here are a few pictures that I took.

Some of my mom's yummy sugar cookies. Didn't she do an awesome job decorating them?

The food!!!

Luke and one of his girlfriends, Eden!

Here comes Santa Claus!

Luke and Eden paitiently waiting for their turn on Santa's lap!Luke finally getting his turn to sit on Santa's lap!Luke sitting with SantaOpening his present from SantaLuke checking out his Elmo gift from Santa
It was a little difficult to get all of the kids in the picture at once...and looking!
Another try...
Luke and Baby Reese....Luke's loves this little baby!
Luke giving Santa a hug bye!
This was afterwards in Cindy's backyard....I just loved the picture!!

And a BIG THANK YOU to my Dad for playing Santa!! I have the best parents ever!! Love you both!

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