Monday, December 6, 2010

A few pics...

I have been a big time bad blogger!! Here are a few pictures from last week.

Mommy and Luke at Holiday on the Hill for the Christmas tree lighting.

Luke and Mommy with Santa. Luke wouldn't sit by himself, but he didn't scream and cry! He shook Santa's hand and kept saying "Ro-Ro". If you ask Luke what Santa say's, he will tell you "Ro, Ro, Ro". He can't say Ho, Ho, Ho. Therefore, he thinks Santa is Ro-Ro. I think it's pretty darn cute! :) He gets so excited when he sees a picture of Santa or sees him on tv.
This one is kinda hard to see. If you look close, you can see Luke and I coming down the big slide! He loved it!! He even talked his Papa into taking him down it again!Luke was looking at the lollipop ornament...thinking..."hmm, maybe I should eat this!" Luke was "pretending to be asleep" and waiting on Santa! Luke loves listening to the Night Before Christmas "Ro-Ro"

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