Friday, April 2, 2010


Pink Eye!!! Our house has been infected with Pink Eye!! I woke up on Wed. with a red eye. I wasn't sure if it was pink eye or not, so I went on the work and had the nurse look at it. She didn't think it was pink eye, but everyone else did. Luckily, the Dr. could get me in on my break and sure enough....Pink Eye! Of course, Luke woke up yesterday morning with it. He looks miserable. His eye is mostly red underneath and looks like he's been beat up. He has tons of goop coming out and it keeps matting up. He has medicine and hopefully his will be clear this afternoon.
Since he hasn't been on the eye drops for 24 hours, I decided to keep him home from babysitter again today (luckily Memaw and Grandpa came yesterday). I didn't want anyone else getting it! But, since he stayed home, he's missing Easter with his friends. :( I did take cupcakes to the babysitter, since I had already made them. I think they turned out pretty cute!!
We hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Easter!!

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