Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2010!!

We are back from Spring Break!! I can't believe how fast the week flew by (how come when we're at work, the week drags on, but on vacation it flies by??). We were busy the entire spring break and enjoyed our visit with Memaw and Grandpa!
We flew into Corpus Christi on Sat. the 13th. We went to eat and then headed to Whataburger Field to watch the OU Sooners play baseball!!
Luke and Grandpa chillin' at the game...

On Sunday, it was so beautiful that we headed to the beach. Luke went straight to the water, took 2 steps in and started crying. The water was too cool for him and he wasn't a fan! But...he sure did like the sand. He probably still has sand in his ears!!

Check out the beach dude pulling his sand toys!

This is SOOO much fun!!

On Monday, we headed to the park to play. Luke loves being outside. He also found a new love...the slide!! He had so much fun going down the big slides by himself!!

A little man to man talk!

On Tueday, it was rainy. We headed to Victoria to do a little shopping. Of course, Luke was the only one that got anything!On Wednesday, Mommy and Grandpa went fishing!! Mommy caught 5 fish and Grandpa only caught 1 fish!! It was cool out on the boat, but it was a nice and relaxing time. After we got home, we went to the park!

Look at me on the monkey bars!!!

No hands!!

On Thursday, we went back to the beach! The water was a little warmer, but I think Luke remembered from the previous time and wasn't about to put his feet in the water!! He doesn't know what he's missing! I'm sure when he gets back in the pool this summer, he will love it just like before!

Luke's new shark hat...I'm gonna bury Grandpa's feet!!

Mommy and Luke in the water

On Friday, we went to another beach!! We took a ferry across to Port Aransas. We went to the candy store and a few souvenier shops. We then rented an electric car/buggy and took a drive down the beach. It was a little windy, so that made it cool! After lunch, we took Luke to a ceramics shop to paint a fish as a souvenier. We had to leave it to be "fired". I can't wait to get it back!!!

Driving down the beach in our buggy...

Cowboy Luke

Painting his ceramic fish

Coming home on the ferry!

On Saturday, it rained and turned cool out, so we just hung out with Memaw and Grandpa. As you can tell, we were super busy and had a great time on spring break!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents/Memaw and Grandpa!!

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