Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend in Oklahoma

This past weekend we took off with Memaw and Grandpa and went to visit family and friends in Oklahoma. Luke has had a really runny nose and a bad cough, but that didn't stop him from having fun! I figured it was just allergies and gave him benadryl, but that didn't seem to help. (He went to the dr. this morning....poor guy has a double ear infection!) We had a great time seeing lots of old friends at church on Sunday. Too bad Luke wouldn't cooperate and sit in church! Mommy had to take him outside....so, we played! Thankfully, mommy's best friend, Sonya came outside and kept us company after she played the organ! Most of the weekend was hanging out at Great Aunt Sue's house with all of the family. Too bad mommy didn't get the camera out and take any pictures!
Monday we headed out to where mommy went to school and where Memaw worked. Luke immediately saw all of the kids on the playground and thought he needed to join them. I swear, that boy will spend all day and night outside if he could! After the kids went inside, Grandpa took him out to play. Here are a few pictures of him playing on the playground...

We can't wait to see everyone again! And...don't forget....you can always come down here and visit us!!

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