Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yucky Bug! took Luke a little over 10 months, but his first little bug has hit! Let me just recap our night/morning for you! Last night Luke seemed fine. We were eating dinner and while he took a drink, he started coughing/choking...kinda like when we drink and it goes down the wrong pipe. So, I lifted his arm, and all of a sudden, it was like a water facuet. He started spewing everywhere....GROSS!! I get him out of the high chair, get his clothes off and put him in the bathtub to get cleaned up. I thought everything was a-ok! Well, he threw up a little bit on the floor later, but it wasn't much. As I was cleaning it up, the faucet turned on again....all over my clean little boy AND the carpet. I cleaned him all up again and put new jammies on. I decided to give him some pedialyte since he had thrown everything up. I wanted to keep him hydrated. Well, wouldn't you know....he threw up all the pedialyte!!! Another pair of jammies!! Luke and I were both miserable! I couldn't get him to go to sleep, so we tried laying in my bed and the recliner. I finally got him to sleep about 1:30 or so. This morning, I gave him a little formula and some toast for breakfast. He seemed fine. So, we got all dressed and headed to the babysitters and work. Well....we got about a mile down the road and he threw up everywhere in the car!!! What a mess!! I called work and told them I wouldn't be making it! I just talked to the doctors office and they said I was doing everything right...yeah for me! He is only allowed to have pedialyte and I'm to give a little bit every 30 minutes or so. He's kept it down so, let's pray that it stays down. She said "the bug" usually lasts from 24-48 hours. Oh, and let me just mention....this kid does not act sick. Luke has been talking up a storm, playing, laughing, watching tv and pushing his toys all over the house.
Since I gave you all the nasty details of our last 18 hours, I'll leave you with some pictures of my wonderful little man!

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