Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Sneak Peek

Tonight I finally got Luke's costume! I had seen it online and in some catalogs....but, I finally found it in a store and bought it! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR HIM TO DRESS UP FOR HALLOWEEN!!! Now, I'm just praying he will be walking...it won't be near as fun if I have to carry him! Oh, wait...I didn't tell you what the costume was! Well....I'm not going to....NOT YET!! You have to wait until Halloween! But...I will leave you with a few shots of the costume and maybe you can guess what he is going to be!


jenn said...

a little sock monkey:)

The Lutz Family said...

Hi Melissa-

I am not sure if I have commented on your page before, but I love to read! Our boys are about the same age, and I love checking in with other ones to see where my little guy compares. Luke is absolutely adorable!

I nominated you for a Krativ Blogger award over at my page. Head on over to check it out and get all the info!