Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Vacation!!

Today we officially started our Summer Vacation!!! Tomorrow morning Luke and I are going to head to Okla to visit some family and friends for a few days and will come back Tues. afternoon. Wednesday (my 1st birthday as a mommy!!) and Thursday, I have some appointments and in between we have to do all of our laundry and pack again. Monday the 15th, we fly out to see Memaw and Grandpa for a month!! We are all very excited!! Here are just a few pictures from the past week...
Getting better at drinking from my sippy cup!This banana is yummy! (Yes...there is a fresh banana in there!)Eating his first french fry!! Grandpa thinks it looks like a goatee!!Hey Mr. Jordan....can you give me a ride on your Hawg??

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