Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are having a blast on vacation! Luke is getting more spoiled every day! If he even thinks about crying, Memaw and Grandpa are right there to pick him up or give him whatever he wants!! We have been here a week now and have been busy just about every day. We've been to Aunt Thelma's Dairy Farm and seen the cows, been to Uncle David's and Aunt Lisa and petted the horses and went swimming!, been shopping, fishing and hanging out at the lake. This week we have lots more planned...the best will be going to Pittsburgh on Sunday! We will be taking Luke to the Pirates baseball game (to watch Uncle Bubba's friend Freddy Sanchez!), spending the night and enjoying the scenery and city of Pittsburgh.
And...I've got to share this. When Dad became a Grandpa (almost 5 years ago), he was adamant that he wanted to be called GRANDPA...nothing else! Well, this week, he has been trying to teach Luke how to say PAPA!!! It's hilarious (and he says he will have him saying it before we leave
!). Those two have become best buds this past week. I don't know what they will do without each other when we leave next month.
Here are a few pictures from the past week...

I LOVE the water!

Grandpa and Luke in their matching shirts (Grandpa's Father's Day gift)....Big Fish, Small Fry

Luke wanted to touch the fish!

How cute is this???

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