Friday, June 26, 2009

Big News!

Luke has learned how to do 2 new things today!!! First, he learned how to pat-a-cake. I saw him do it once yesterday, but today...he really knows what he's doing! Memaw and Luke practiced and practiced! Now, anytime you tell Luke to pat-a-cake....he starts clapping! And, tonight he figured out that if he claps just makes noise!!

The other thing he has learned is BIG NEWS!! He has learned to pull himself up to standing! He has been pulling himself up onto his knees the last few days, but today in his bed, he got all the way up on his feet! He has done it several times now and tonight Mom said that he did it over on the step! Watch out...he's on his way now!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Trying to get up on his feet....

He made it up all the way!! Oh...and one other thing! Luke has another tooth! His top right tooth finally broke through last week. Now we're waiting on the other top shouldn't be far behind.

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Lacy said...

so dang cute!! i can't believe how big he looks standing up!! Julian is trying his best but hasn't made it yet. he's bumped his chin trying a few times though. still no teeth. he's definitely trying to chew on every electrical cord to help those teeth come in :)
hope you're having a great time