Monday, May 4, 2009

Yummy....but MESSY!!!

Now that Luke has his 1st tooth, I have been searching for "teething cookies/biscuits". I didn't realize how hard they were to find. Well, tonight I finally found them and gave one to Luke. Let's just say....he LOVED them! But...they are MESSY!! Oh, well....I'm glad he enjoyed it. I'm sure it is just the beginning of our messiness!! Take at look what Luke looked like when he first started eating the cookie and then check out what he looked like after!

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Lacy said...

daaaaang gurl!! that kid is messy. i might have to figure out what those are about. i've never heard of them but i know Julian is definitely having a hard time right now with the pain on his gums. btw, he tried his squash tonight and finished the whole 2.5 oz thing. he LOVED them. he wasn't letting anything leak out. :)