Monday, May 25, 2009


Luke loves his bathtime, so I assumed he would like being in the pool. Of course, we have no, I bought him a little one ring blow up type. Tonight was the first time we used it. And...I was right...he LOVED the water. He sat in it and just splashed away! He looked so cute and grown up sitting there with his sunglasses on! Now...I can't wait until we get to Memaw and Grandpa's and he can get in the water there!

Here are a few other random pictures from the past couple of days...Yes, I'm not supposed to be under here...but, since I can crawl, this tag sure looks like fun!

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The Shupe's said...

I know I wish we lived closer. I know my Rylie Bug would LOVE Luke. He is a cutie.

I am so impressed he is crawling. We are still learning how to sit up on our own. He seems like such a big boy.