Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sitting Up and New Pics

Yesterday I was so excited about Luke's new tooth that I forgot to mention how he is sitting up by himself!! He has been trying for awhile but usually falls over after a few seconds or so. Tonight we were on the floor playing and he sat up for about 10-15 minutes without falling over!!! I have a few videos that I've uploaded to the dropshots website, if you're interested.

And...since Memaw and Grandpa are on the road, I have to share pictures for them to see.
Luke loves bath time!

Worn out after a day with all the girls (he's the only boy at the babysitters!)Sitting up and playing like a BIG BOY!!

It's hard to see...but....he has a tooth on the bottom left front!!We are getting some longer hair!! Check out the Alfalfa look!! Grandpa....are you jealous???

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