Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heaven in a Chair!

Lately Luke has been a little fussy and wanting to be held! I LOVE holding him...but, I don't want to spoil him...and I DO have things I need to get done! I have tried him in his swing (both of them), but he only lasts a little while and he only stays on his new toy for a little bit before getting fussy. So, last night I pulled out this other chair...a VIBRATING chair...that I received at my shower (Thanks Tammy & Debbie!). I put Luke it in and never heard a sound from him!! He LOVES it!! He stayed in it while I washed bottles and did dishes. This afternoon, he is in it again!! He fell asleep in it and I turned it off, but he woke I had to turn it back on! If you have a little one...I suggest you get one of these things (buy it for Christmas!!)!!!


The Pettijohn's said...

ah! how cute is that???? it's like teeny tiny massage chair! haha! that is precious!!

and wonderful for mommy, I'm sure!

if i could fit in one, i'd try it out!

Craig and Jill said...

OOOOHHH YES!!! this chair is GREAT!!!!!