Thursday, June 3, 2010

19 month old Monkey...

**I'm finally posting this from a few days ago. I had a video to upload with it and for some reason, it won't download.

Last night I about had a heart attack! Luke had been playing in his room for awhile. It got quite, so I knew he was probably into something. I then heard what I thought sounded like his cross on the wall banging. I go in to find he has climbed the changing table!! He was standing on top, taking things out of the shelves (lotion, rash cream, nail clippers, etc.) and had taken the cross of the wall! I immediately took him down and he climbed right back up. As soon as I would get him down, he would get back up...laughing the whole time! After about the fourth time, I decided to get it on video! In the video he has a little trouble getting up there, but trust me, he didn't have ANY trouble the other times!! I'm sure this is the start of many things he will be climbing. And, I'm sure a few broken bones will be in his future!!
**UPDATE**Luke loves to climb on the changing table. I think it's his new favorite thing to do. I finally had to put the baby gate up so he can't go in his room. I tried to just shut the door, but the handle is real sensitive and all he has to do is barely turn the handle and it opens!

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