Monday, January 4, 2010

We made it!

Well, we've made it the first few days without Memaw and's been really hard, but we've made it! And...we survived our first day back to work/babysitter after the long holiday. It was soooo hard to leave Luke this morning, a lot harder than it was a year ago. Today marked 1 year since he has been going to Ms. Caren! :) I'm so thankful to have found a wonderul home babysitter...and...she's just down the street from my school!
Since Memaw and Grandpa are gone...I've gotta start with all the pictures again, so they can see their little man. I hope you don't mind!
Before I child (like all others, I'm sure) is obsessed with buttons! He found the Directv box awhile back and would push the button to change channels, but after a few minutes would leave them alone. Well, over the weekend, he found the tv buttons. He kept turning the thing on and off. The more I would tell him NO, the more he would laugh and head straight for the buttons again. STINKER!! I decided to let him turn it off and we just wouldn't watch tv. That didn't work either because he turned it on and off about 50 times in probably 10 seconds...I thought the tv was going to blow up! I smacked his hand, told him NO, and eventually put him in "baby jail" (aka pack n play). I found some guards online and went and purchased them the next day! Success!!! He hasn't been able to mess with the tv since!!
Luke trying to climb out of "baby jail"
A great purchase! Luke's new Air Jordan outfitLuke thinks he's cool enough to take off his own shirt and then sit on his table One of the rare shots of Luke crying...he was so tired and throwing a fit!Yeah, I'm such a big boy!I'm a silly boy!

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