Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look at Me!

I have been really bad in the past few weeks with posting (thanks to schools starting again!). So, I've tried to make up for it in the last few days! :) Today I bought Luke a new toy (can I just go to the store once without buying something for Luke???). There isn't a lot of room in the living room, but he tried it out anyways. I then decided to take it to the backyard, but it wouldn't push in the, we ended up in the drive way. Luke looks so funny walking around with the toy! I can't believe he will soon be walking without it!

After walking for a little bit, I decided to put Luke in his swing. He loves swinging...he cracks up laughing while he's swinging. He loves the outdoors. I think he would stay out there all day, if he could. Thankfully, today the weather isn't scorching and we could enjoy the outdoors for a little while.

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