Saturday, August 29, 2009

9 Month Check-up

Yesterday was Luke's 9 Month Check-up. He did great! Luke now weighs 20 lbs 5 oz and is 28 1/2 inches long!!! Dr. Hunke checked his teeth, his 8th tooth has finally broken through!!! Can you believe my little baby is so big and has so many teeth??? Dr. Hunke also said that I could start adding a little whole milk to his day....that means one less bottle of formula (he will get real milk with his breakfast!)!! I can't wait to get completly on whole milk and save the formula money!! Luke did have a little bit of a diaper rash that just appeared and the Dr. said it was a yeast rash, so he gave us a prescription for it. It already looks better this morning!! And....unfortunatley, we didn't get to go shot free this visit. :( Luke got his first flu shot (he has to go back in a month to get the other half). He did really good, though...he only cried for a few seconds! He also had an anemia test to check his blood. He scored high and there are no problems there!! I'm so thankful to have such a healthy and happy boy!
Here's Luke waiting at the Dr's office...

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