Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend with Memaw & Grandpa

This past weekend, Memaw and Grandpa came to town! Yeah!! Luke always loves it when they come and see him!! Grandpa came to watch Luke's 1st Daytona 500 with him. Well....I don't know how much either of them watched...they both took naps! And of course, Memaw and Grandpa wanted to keep him while Mommy went to work! Monday evening we went to the mall. Gymboree's new spring boys line is BASEBALL!!! How fitting! So, we bought a hat, blanket, onesies, pj's and swimtrunks!! Monday night things went downhill. Memaw got sick....I mean....very sick (we think it was food poisoning). So, Grandpa was in charge of Luke all day on Tues. I think they both had fun! Today Memaw and Grandpa left. Memaw was still feeling ill, but she went anyways. I hope she is feeling better soon. Here are a few pictures from the last few days...
"Grandpa's Race Buddy"

Memaw giving Luke a bath
Luke having "tummy time" on his surfboard!
A rare shot of Luke screaming....he was mad!! Thank goodness this doesn't happen often!

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The Shupe's said...

I do remember you from Central! Your little boy is such a cutie!!!! I have really enjoyed looking at your blog! I am glad you found us! Where do you teach Pre-K? How are you managing work and being a mommy? I just had to go back to work and it is really hard!
Jodie Shupe