Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl Weekend

This weekend Memaw and Grandpa came to town!! Luke loves his Memaw and Grandpa! They brought him a cool new monkey "Mongo". Mongo sings "If You're Happy and You Know It" and claps!! At first he wasn't too sure of it. Now, he tries to reach out for it and moves like crazy when it's singing! On Saturday, we went shopping....and....of course, Luke got some new clothes courtesy of Memaw and Grandpa. On Sunday, we took Luke for his 3 month pictures. He would laugh and smile, but as soon as the girl would put the camera up, he would stop! We did get some good pictures...and he even took a few with Mommy. Sunday evening we all watched the Super Bowl together. Today, Luke stayed home with Memaw instead of going to the babysitter. Oh....last night Luke slept the whole night through!! Mommy got up a few times to check on him, but he slept from 11:15-6:00. Let's pray he starts doing this every night!!! Here are a few pictures...

MeMaw and Luke with Mongo!

Luke playing with his football during the Super Bowl!!

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