Monday, January 19, 2009

Visit to Memaw & Grandpa's

Well...we survived our first road trip together...alone!! Luke was really good in the car. On the trip down he slept almost the whole way. He woke up with about an hour left and with about 30 minutes left he started screaming (and of course there was no where to pull over)! Memaw kept calling to see where we were and she was waiting outside to immediately take her little man out of the car when we pulled in. She immediately found out why he was fussy....nasty diaper!!
Saturday morning we got up and Memaw went to show off Luke to all her friends. He enjoyed being in his stoller like a big boy. That afternoon Luke stayed with Memaw while Mommy went with Grandpa to watch him in the Beltsander Races. Yes, it is a redneck thing from south Texas! Unfortunately, it started raining and the races were cancelled. I'll tell you that he had the best looking one there (even though, it was a stupid Florida Gators theme). That evening we just hung out at the house.
Sunday morning we got up and Luke went to church for the first time. He did very good. Towards the end, during the singing, he decided to sing! Then, he decided he needed to talk and let everyone know he was there! The old people aren't used to having a little one around! After church, we changed clothes and went to the beach!! It was a beautiful day. Grandpa and I walked out a ways in the water with was nice and warm! Luke even enjoyed kicking his feet in the water. Unfortately, the video Memaw was supposed to be taking of Luke in the water...well...let's just say, it ended up being a video of her feet! (Blame it on the bright sun shining and she couldn't see the screen).
Monday it was time to come back to Dallas. We did go strolling around downtown Rockport for a little bit. Then, we said our goodbyes and got on the road. Luke was great coming back. He woke up about 3 hours before we made it home, so I stopped and feed him and changed him. We were back on the road and he was asleep again. It was a very long trip...but, we had a blast. We are ready to go back on spring break and enjoy more of the warm sun and play in the water!!

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