Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Road Trip & Videos

Luke and I are going to take a road trip this weekend! He has been to Okla several times and has done wonderful in the car...he sleeps the whole way! But, this weekend it will be just Luke and I and it will be a 6 hour car ride. We are going to Rockport to visit Memaw and Grandpa for the long weekend! Pray that we have a safe trip and that Luke does good in the car! Luke is ready to see his Memaw and Grandpa...he misses them very much. Everytime I ask him if he wants to go visit them...he smiles so BIG and laughs!!
Also...I have been taking a few videos of Luke (mainly so Memaw can see him). I don't want to post them all on here because they take too long to upload and I don't want to bore everyone, so I have found a FREE video hosting website that I can download videos and pictures!! If you want to download videos for other to view, is a great website. And...if you would like to check out videos of Luke (and watch him grow), the link is Save it and check back, as I update it!

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