Saturday, November 8, 2008


What a weekend! Luke had lots of company this weekend. "Aunt" Heather, Sonya and Kourtney all came down from Oklahoma to meet Luke. Sonya and Kourtney came over to visit for a few hours on Friday and Saturday. We had a good time talking, catching up on everyone, and I got lots of good advice on being a mommy. The girls had fun meeting Luke...holding him, changing him and feeding him. "Aunt" Heather spent the night with us! She bought Luke several sleepers and a wipe warmer! She didn't like him getting his butt wiped with a cold wipe. :) "Aunt" Heather got to feed Luke several times and change many dirty diapers over the weekend! Thanks girls for such a great visit. I wish we all lived closer and could do it more often. Here are a few pictures from their visits...

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