Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elmo Party

Luke's 2nd birthday party was a success!! He had several friends come and celebrate with him (thank you Aunt Sue for driving all the way from Okla for his party!). The kids played on his new swing set, drove each other around in his car, played with the bean bags and ate cupcakes. Everything was great...until...the swarm of the BEE's!! We had to move the party inside once the bee's smelled the cake! Here are a few pictures of the party (, there are a lot of pictures!)!

The party table!

Elmo cupcake tower!
I made Luke's cake! I love the "happy birthday" sign I made!The goodie bags/bucket for the guests! Luke and Abby playing on the swing set
Luke eating a cupcakeOpening presents!Some fun blocks to build with!Grabbing the loot from the Pinata!Trying to get a picture of all the kids....The best picture I could get of all the kids sitting together!

Once again, thank you to everyone that came and was a part of Luke's special day!

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