Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend in Okla

This past weekend we went to Okla to visit some family and friends. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but I will share what I did take! :) On Friday we went to Central (Mommy's high school) for Homecoming. Luke wasn't too interested in watching the girls in their dresses....but, he sure had fun playing in the gravel and throwing rocks! During the game we stood in the end zone (which was where the scoring was going on) and he stood there and watched the boys, kept saying "ball" and was clapping! It was tooo cute!
This was Luke picking flowers during the first part of the football game!
The rest of the weekend we just visited with family and friends. It was a very good weekend, but we were both exhausted and glad to be home!

Luke and his Great Grandma

Luke didn't want the noodles that I cut...he had to take the LONG ones!!

Luke and his Great Uncle John (Memaw's youngest brother)

Luke and "Aunt" Heather having a little talk!

Luke took a nice little nap on the drive home!

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