Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparent's Day!

Luke has absolutely the best Grandparents in the WORLD!!! He is the luckiest little boy! He truly loves his Memaw and Papa! :) He still can't quite say Memaw and sometimes he says Nana...who care which one, just decide and start calling her something!! But, he definately has the word Papa down!! That is one of his favorite words and daily he says it (over and over!)! He is a Papa's boy! He lights up when he hears his Papa on the phone.
This morning we made a sign and colored on it for Grandparent's Day. It was a lot more difficult to get him to sit still and hold the sign, now that he is almost 2! Here are a few of the pictures I did get.

Happy Grandparent's Day Memaw and Papa!!!

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