Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New blog!

I've decided to do a blog....I know...it's basically the same thing as the website. But, I think this one might be a little more user friendly. I will be posting everything here from now on! The following is the same post as the last one on the website.

I had another Dr. appt. today. I'm so tired of all of the appt....I just want this baby out!! I hadn't dialated anymore. The Dr. had first said she would induce me on Wed. night. I told her that I didn't want Luke to be born on Fri (which is Halloween) or on Sat (which is Colby's bday)....unless it happened naturally. So, she decided to have me come back on Thur. for another appt. If I haven't had him on my own by Sun, then she is going to induce me on Sun. night. So...it looks like Luke will be here on Mon (which just happens to be my parents anniversary!)...if not sooner! Keep checking for updates!!

I gave my notice at work today and told them that Friday would be my last day!! YEAH! I will be out for 6 weeks and then return for one week before Christmas vacation and then be off for another 2 weeks!!
Keep watching for updates and pics of Luke. I can't wait for everyone to meet him!!

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